NPR is a complementary health technique that can identify where shutdown/blockages have occurred in the nervous system.

Commonly these ‘blockages’ will result in unnaturally tight muscles causing compression of nerve and other tissues, in various

 places on the body, with accompanying stiffness,discomfort or pain, as well as affecting the performance

 of various  organs and systems.

NPR is a technique that will enhance the body’s natural healing ability, and can provide truly effective relief from back pain,

 sciatica,  headaches, migraine, nerve pains, post-surgical back and neck pain, and many other ailments.

NPR can help everyone, young and old, in any physical condition. NPR offers a real alternative to painkillers, drugs or surgery.

 It assists the body to reduce the ‘wear and tear’ that accompanies aging. It can help reduce the physically stressful effects of

 sport or manual work and reduces the likelihood of injury it is gentle and cannot cause any harm to the body.